Body of Work started as an idea in the summer of 2016. Host, Hannah Mooney, was combing through ESPN’s Body Issue and asked “What does it take to keep this kind of body?” and went down a rabbit hole. Months later, while coaching at a DC fitness studio, Hannah was talking to one of her clients who was struggling to meet her goals. After a few minutes of discussion, the client said “I know you wouldn’t understand. This is easy for you, but it’s not easy for me.” And something clicked.

Hannah’s goal from there on out wasn’t to transform just people’s bodies, but to help them change their mindset, too. Because the dedication it took to keep and maintain her body was a lot of work, and it came from having a strong mind first and a stronger body second.

This made her think: is that how most people see athletes? Celebrities? Fitness professionals? As people who just skate by because it’s easy for them. Out to dispel that myth and bring some tough love to a new and burgeoning industry, Hannah set out to tell stories of the people we admire most to start a conversation about how these athletes and celebrities don’t just have a body, but they do the work for all of it.