Episode 6 || Roger Wilson, Former Irish National Rugby Team Player and Founder of Tackle Smart

Roger Wilson not only has an interesting accent, but an even more interesting athletic background to match. Having played for Ulster, Northampton Saints, and Ireland national rugby teams, he was called to represent both the prestigious Barbarian and World XV teams in 2014, before retiring from professional sports in 2017 as Ulster’s player with the highest number of appearances ever, with over 350 professional games to his name throughout his 15-year career. He also had more than 3,000 tackles – and zero concussions.

Along with his wife and two young children, he now lives in Dallas, Texas, where he runs his business. Since he moved to Texas, Roger became increasingly concerned with the thought of his own son one day playing football – a big admission from someone who played contact sports professionally for 15 years. He realized he wasn’t the only parent with concerns. Thus, Tackle Smart Sports was born.

Becoming aware of the fact that participation levels had been on the decline at the youth level in recent years, he dug a bit deeper to find out why that was. To no great surprise, the overwhelming response from parents was “concussions.” Research shows the tackler receives the overwhelming majority of concussions in football so he asked tough questions, and Tackle Smart took off. Dedicated to teaching children in the U.S. how to tackle properly, Roger uses his helmetless experience from his rugby days to teach proper tackle technique in an effort to change how young athletes play football here in America. Listen in for more.

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Website: www.tacklesmartsports.com

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