Episode 7 || Tim Don, Olympian, ITU World Champion, & Ironman World Record Holder

Nothing can slow down Episode 7 guest, Tim Don. Not even getting hit by a car.

Starting his career as a short-course athlete and proceeding to earn kudos as a 3x Olympian, a 4x ITU World Champion (in triathlon and duathlon) and a countless ITU World Cup victor, Tim turned to half Ironmans to compete – and never looked back. His unrivaled foot pace and his skill as a swimmer has made him one of the world’s fiercest – but also most charming and witty – competitors. But our episode gets deep down to it when we discuss what it takes on days where you’re not feeling 100%. Or when your dreams of winning a championship are quickly erased by a car wreck.

Listen in to hear what kept Tim from the 2017 Ironman World Championship two days before the race – and what got him back on his feet – and his bike – and in the water.

A true inspiration to anyone who has the urge to win and an unrelenting spirit for their sport – no matter what life throws at you: Tim Don.

Learn more:
Instagram: @tri_thedon
Twitter: @trithedon
Website: https://www.timdon.com/

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