Episode 9 || Eric Tozer, World Marathon Challenge Finisher & Type 1 Diabetic

Eric Tozer is a lot of things to a lot of people. That list includes being a father, husband, World Marathon Challenge finisher, multiple 140.6 & 70.3 Ironman, Adventure racer/MTB, Ran Across America team member, Boston marathon, ITU Long-course & Olympic National Championship Qualifier, NCAA Soccer Final Four all tournament team, two time NCAA soccer team captain, and Senior sales exec for a healthcare IT company. He’s not your average athlete.

Eric is this week’s guest on Episode 9, discussing being an endurance athlete and what it has meant for his life, especially because he has managed to accomplish so much with type 1 diabetes. Getting the disease at age 22, he continued his athletic endeavors where – 12 years later – he hopes on the line to talk about some of the incredible things he’s accomplished. Eric’s story is one of perseverance and commitment to excellence as well as living for something bigger than yourself – what he says keeps him motivated through any feat he takes on – including seven marathons on seven continents in seven days during the World Marathon Challenge. Tune in for more from an unbelievably inspirational man, Eric Tozer.

Learn more:
Instagram: @EricTozer
Website: http://www.erictozer.com/
Diabetes Sports Project: http://www.diabetessportsproject.com/

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