Season 2 || Episode 1 || Running Towards Atlanta: Becoming a Runner

Welcome back to Season 2 of the Body of Work Podcast, and over the next month, this season will be all about running. Why, you ask? Because show host Hannah Mooney is training for the Atlanta Marathon, formerly know as the Georgia Marathon. It’s March 1, 2020.

Why does this matter to you though? Because as she’s been training for this race – for 26.2 miles of hilly but beautiful Atlanta city streets – she has recognized that this journey isn’t unique to her, but comes with all the same challenges as any other difficult physical task.

It requires focus, dedication, a plan, and well, grit. And while, she originally wanted to do it for herself (more in this episode on why) as well as alone (for pride’s sake), she realized she couldn’t and needed some encouragement along the way. Enter: Season 2. She needed to talk to these guests, read their stories, hear their advice, be encouraged by their successes, learn from their failures, and empowered by their wisdom to stick with it. Because this has been a wild ride.

Like any muscle, you have to exercise it – break it down to make it stronger. So this episode jumpstarts a season of talking to runners – some professional, some not – but all runners. Let’s get to work!

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