Season 2 || Episode 2 || Kathrine Switzer, First Woman to Run the Boston Marathon // Bib 261

The first woman to run in the Boston Marathon in 1967 with an official bib – bib number 261 – Kathrine Switzer has been at the heart of distance racing for 50 years. From running at 19 and nearly being dragged off the course by a male official to speaking all over the world about the power of running a a way for women to build confidence, her athletic journey has taken a wild ride. Her running career started with daily mile runs to make the field hockey team in high school, but transformed into a love for running as her primary sport. As the female winner of the 1974 New York City Marathon, she cemented her role as a leader in the running community, and continues to do so today.

An activist, an athlete, an author, and a public speaker, Kathrine’s focus through her career has been to encourage the empowerment of women through the sport of running. From launching 261 Fearless – a non-profit in 11 countries that is peer to peer female mentorship through the sport – to her dedication to running the Boston Marathon in 2017 50 years after her first time, she thrives off of the energy women bring to the sport and loves telling the story of how it changed her life.

Lively and engaging, her interview is full of anecdotes and advice for any runner at any level. Enjoy!

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