Season 2 || Episode 3 || Colleen Quigley // Bowerman Babe & Olympic Runner

Colleen Quigley, Episode 3 guest this season, never grew up wanting to be an Olympic athlete. In fact, she had no idea what she wanted to be when she grew up. She knew she liked to dance, and she knew she liked being active. But when she began running in high school, that was her move. She loved it. But she never wanted to be a professional runner.

Graduating from Florida State University in 2015, she ran in college to get a degree for free, doing something she loved. To this day, she says running for the Noles was the best decision she’s ever made. But she never thought she’d do it professionally, until she was given the opportunity after graduating…to run professionally. If you ask her, she’ll tell you: “Runners are the best people.” And she stands by that today talking about her colleagues – the Bowerman Babes – on the Bowerman Track Club team who she signed with in 2015. Fives years later, she joined the podcast to talk about how important running has been and how profound of an impact it has had on her life even though it was never in her plan longterm.

From running competitively in high school and college to becoming an NCAA champion to an Olympic athlete, her journey has taken many twists and turns. That’s how things go though. What we think we want and where we think we’ll go never goes according to plan, and to Colleen, making deliberate choices that challenge you over and over can make for a big life you can be proud of. This episode is a gem, with Colleen’s joy and laugh bringing so much energy to the conversation. Listen in to learn more.

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