Season 2 || Episode 4 || Hannah Mooney Mack // Being a Marathon Runner

Hannah Mooney Mack said she’d run the Publix Atlanta Marathon – and she did. On March 1, she finished her race in Atlanta, GA the day after the Olympic Marathon Trials. Her goal was to finish, and she accomplished that. She took longer than she planned. Longer than her training set her up to run. But she finished.

And she’d do it again.

This episode shares the story of her race, what lessons she learned training for it and running it, and how the sport of running can teach us lessons our future selves never knew we needed – like how valuable a hug can be or how to be okay with being alone.

Listen in to Episode 4 of this season to hear more of why she’ll run another marathon someday, but for time this time around, and how she ran each mile for someone she loved to keep going.

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