Season 2 || Episode 6 || David Magida // Endurance Athlete & Competitor

David Magida is an athlete. Not the Instagram kind with millions of followers. Not even the collegiate kind with thousands of adoring fans. And not the traditionally professional kind with fame and fortune. No – David Magida is the type of athlete where you get to know him in real life and know that he’s the type of man who is built differently. Sure, he’s tall, lean, muscular, strong, fast. But his body isn’t the impressive part. It’s what’s going on inside that head of his.

In Episode 6, listeners are given a snapshot into Magida’s mindset, summarized best with this: “Nothing that you’re going to put in front of me is going to be too much for me.” Growing up a young athlete in Potomac, Maryland, he ran competitively from grade school until college, took a break, got back to it, got bitten by the competition bug again through Spartan Racing, and meteorically rose through the Spartan ranks. Today, all of his training and race experience has cumulated into a successful gym with two locations in Washington D.C., married with a continued love for running and competition.

This podcast features athletes who are tough and talented and dedicated to their sports – you all know this. But David Magida is in another league. This episode was recorded shortly after Magida ran the Ultravirus 12 Hour Race. The goal? Run as many 5 mile loops as you can in those 12 hours. He ran 14 loops, which equates to 70 miles. Listen in to hear what his original goal was, and how he not only sign up to pace a friend for the first few laps, but how he kept going and what’s kept him going for all these years of competing.

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